“Rosengineering Project” LLC is a project designs company that developed from the project design department of “ROSENGINEERING" JSC and evolved as a breakaway company in 2007. It now employs over 150 qualified professionals. This modern dynamic company provides a full range of design and project services, throughout the Russian Federation. We offer a complete range of engineering surveys, investment decision analysis and produce all sections of the project documentation. All of these services are carried out by our in-house team. Successful partnerships with other leading international design companies and architectural firms, ensures the continuous development of our skills and technology. This international cooperation also allows us to offer the most effective and professional solutions, even for highly specialised and unique projects.


The variety of projects completed by “Rosengineering Project” LLC has enhanced the company’s capability immeasurably. By designing the most complex sports facilities, the company has shown its professional ability to devise various aspects of ski resort infrastructures. These include designing specialised constructions such as cableways, as well as the use of unique technologies for artificial snowmaking and engineered protective solutions which were specially created for regions with high levels of seismic activity. In addition to the above, the company have also designed leisure facilities for Olympic athletes, spectators and tourists.

In 2008 “Rosengineering Project” LLC was selected to develop the complete documentation for various projects of the “Programme for the Construction of Olympic Venues and Development of the City of Sochi as A Mountain Climate Resort”.

This selection influenced the way the company developed during the years spent preparing for the Olympics. We developed “turnkey” projects for several sites, such as the “Laura” Biathlon & Ski Complex, Olympic mountain village, the cableway 3S “Psekhako” and “Alpika-Service” mountain resort. The quality of these projects was ensured due to the experiences gained by our specialists whilst working on other all-season resorts, such as "Ohta-park", "Severnij Sklon" and "Igora" in the Leningrad region, "Mountain Air" on Sakhalin Island and ski resort "Khibiny" in the city of Kirovsk.

All designs developed by “Rosengineering Project” LLC for hotel complexes, public, commercial and recreation areas and transport infrastructures produce a harmonious atmosphere whilst creating an attractive modern resort. To maximise the comfort of guests, our engineers carefully create the designs to ensure that all engineering infrastructures are concealed from public sight.


The experiences gained from designing individual structures, in addition to recreational and tourist centres and their transport and utility networks, allows us to successfully complete the most challenging projects consisting of multiple unique structures. We use these past experiences to solve problems that may occur on renovation and site development projects. Our knowledge allows us to create effective solutions for tourist, recreational and commercial facilities.

The high professionalism of our staff, allows us to produce successful designs for challenging tasks such as, tunnel and mountain road construction. Our proposed solutions for flood protection systems, landslide slope stabilisation and coastal developments use modern and environmentally friendly methods.

We have designed projects for the power facility of “Lenenergo” JSC, modernised the energy system based on the TPP “Dzhugba” and developed the automatic power supply and distribution systems for the all-season resort “Arhiz”.

All projects created by “Rosengineering Project” LLC are based on a thorough study of the climatic, hydrological and geological conditions. These are performed by our in-house research team, who collects the original data. The company’s design team use the results of these surveys to produce efficient plans. By keeping all phase of this process within the one company, we are able to maximise the efficiency of the project whilst minimising its cost.

The extensive range of our skills, allows us to offer our clients the best integrated service for the design, from its concept to its completion. We ensure the most efficient use of our client’s resources through: detailed project analysis, performing a feasibility study; identifying the special features of the project; risk assessment, based on the results of the comprehensive surveys; and minimising the complexity of passing the expert examination.

By monitoring the implementation of all technical and economic parameters, incorporated in the project, we take responsibility for the full and successful implementation of our projects.

We base our solutions on multilateral marketing analysis, to provide the earliest opportunity to achieve the desired rate of return. Furthermore, by using the best international specialists, our projects remain extremely competitive for both the Russian and international markets. This ensures the maximum safety of our client’s investments.


Our company's mission statement:
To design modern and relevant facilities, which are consistent with the principles of safety, reliability, effectiveness and efficiency of the designed solution, whilst respecting the interests of our customers and meeting the needs of the company.

We see the future development of our professional skills and portfolio expansion, interlinked, with large scale projects of the tourism, infrastructure, urban planning and business sectors. We therefore, we set the following goals:


  • Become a market leader in project designs, through the development and implementation of an integrated architectural, engineering and techno-economic approach.
  • Find the most effective management and technological solutions for project implementation therefore, ensuring the most efficient use of our client’s resources.
  • Contribute to the quality of work, leisure and sports facilities developments for the population.
  • Constantly increase the value of our services, by taking responsibility for the organisation and support of the project implementation, whilst creating a comfortable environment of cooperation with our clients.
  • Develop the innovative potential of our employees and enrich the national school of design with the use of modern and technologically advanced projects.


As a project designs company we are aware of our responsibility to the future development of architecture and construction. We are committed to the integration of innovative technologies and “green” design standards, aimed at creating environmentally friendly facilities. We aspire to support the succession of generations, incorporating the experience of distinguished design engineers with the fresh ideas of young professionals. Our company uses various management standards systems, such as ISO 9000, ISO 14001, OHSAS. These systems allow us to improve the efficiency of the organisation whilst enhancing the overall business culture within Russia.

Our membership in the professional self-regulatory organisations (SROs) confirms our authorisation to be involved in activities within design project and engineering survey sectors, including complex power units. We are also licensed to work with classified information, historical monuments, listed buildings and cultural heritage sites.

Address:2A Gelsingforsskaya str.
194044, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
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